2 Months of Work. Lost!

2017-04-27 18:28:35 by DrFunkMonkey

So I rather foolishly decided to delete all my music on my computer, forgetting all my original work was in the same folder, didn't back up and can't restore my PC for some reason. So that's the last 2 months wasted. But I'm going to push to make up for it.

Started my application for a MMus aswell, so hopefully see a noticable jump in quantity and quality of work as I build my portfolio. 

Also, just realised I now have 6 fans, I've never had fans before, what do? But seriously, this is a big boost for me. Y'all are awesome!! 

So after having just seen the UK PM announce that all pornographic websites will be banned unless you officially state you want to receive them, I am slightly worried that I will be restricted from a lot of website due to content. The main one being NG. I personally use NG as a way of sharing my artistic endeavours and as a place I can go to watch great animations and play great games, view awe-inspiring art work, great tunes and meet like minded people but it is no lie that there is a large amount of pornographic content about. So where does that leave me? and what will happen to all the other websites that have some form of pornographic content. All I can say right now is this is Bullcrap. Thoughts???

Getting Fired Sucks

2013-01-31 16:21:29 by DrFunkMonkey

So... Literally just been fired from my day job, meaning i have to move back with the parents, this isn't how life was supposed to go, god freaking damn it. On a plus side I do now have a lot of time to work on the many projects I have been putting off due to work, so i guess that's good :D and now i can look for work that doesn't suck, maybe a professional llama dentist, they have funny heads, Ha.

What have I been up to?

2012-09-14 19:11:28 by DrFunkMonkey

Haven't submitted anything in a long while, been super busy with life and finishing uni to really be able to crack on. My last project won't be getting posted on here as its my own interpretation of an already well know animation but you can check it out on youtube, you know, if you feel like it or whatever. Link Below.

Should hopefully be up and running in the next few months, ready to compose like no one has composed before... or something like that...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwGPImsdbL w&feature=plcp