Will Newgrounds be banned in the UK?

2013-07-22 18:34:05 by DrFunkMonkey

So after having just seen the UK PM announce that all pornographic websites will be banned unless you officially state you want to receive them, I am slightly worried that I will be restricted from a lot of website due to content. The main one being NG. I personally use NG as a way of sharing my artistic endeavours and as a place I can go to watch great animations and play great games, view awe-inspiring art work, great tunes and meet like minded people but it is no lie that there is a large amount of pornographic content about. So where does that leave me? and what will happen to all the other websites that have some form of pornographic content. All I can say right now is this is Bullcrap. Thoughts???


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2013-07-22 18:36:36

This is a bad sign indeed. All I have to say is start a grass roots 'free speech for everyone' campaign.

DrFunkMonkey responds:

But this is the UK, we're too busy complaining about the weather and freaking royal babies. Crafty MPs timed it perfectly


2013-07-22 18:41:57

I steer clear from "adult" content (the inverted commas were really for satirical purposes)..... but it does put sites with mature content of any kind into the danger zone. NG, but also DeviantArt.

This much I can say: if they are going to filter out the A-rated content but still keep at least the E and T content going (which is what I'm really here for), then great.

DrFunkMonkey responds:

Same, I generally just watch E, T and M but NG is full of Adult content so I don't understand how they can ban just one section of NG specifically...


2013-07-22 19:44:59

My understanding is this: while I welcome the idea of the ban, I want them to give details on how they are going to execute it. Because with M-rated content, which can be pornographic in some cases, there's a distinction to be drawn between 1) content which is purely violent, 2) content which is purely sexual, and 3) content which is both. Now quite obviously, the policymakers will have to draw their attentions to 2) and 3). But because all these things have an M filter on them, what's to be done there?

And that also takes into account the fact that NG's ratings are stricter than ESRB's in general. Any one instance of partial nudity will automatically give an M rating, while Tekken (which is rated T) has very, VERY scantily-dressed characters.

More importantly, we don't want to discount those people who have dedicated themselves to G- and PG-rated stuff.

DrFunkMonkey responds:

I could not agree more!! Another thing that worries me is where on the internet this restriction will apply. What with netflix and other companies being entirely web-based, how can they limit what is considered too pornographic or violent for the internet and for films. In the future most movies and TV shows will be watched online instead of purchased in a store so how can they limit what is considered pornogrpahic or violent without affecting the restrictions placed for the film industry. Perfect example of this is A clockwork orange, a classic film but ultimately it's very violent and sexual. (especially the infamous rape scene) Does this mean that the film industry will also be changed...


2013-07-22 21:16:47

If anything, I should hope they target the online ratings boards. PEGI has been very open about sexual content (and less open about violence, a direct opposite of ESRB) and as English-speaking nations, we don't think the way our Continental brethren do. Our sensitivities are different. Clear standards will have to be drawn. If there's a site outright doing adult content, fine -- it should go! Kaboom!

But the ratings boards will need very clear standards on what content is suitable for parental guidance, and what content is explicitly sexual.